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Giving Wildlife A Second Chance

If you need advice or assistance contact a rehabber.

Many times fawns are rescued unnecessarily.  The mother leaves them alone in thick brush or grass while she goes off to feed.  There are times when a young one is attacked by dogs or has tried to jump a fence and gets hung.  Even if the fawn has been handled or touch, there is still a chance the mother will come back for them if they are healthy.


If an adult deer is hit by a car and still alive, call your local animal control, the police, highway patrol or the Wildlife Enforcement Division atat 800-662-7137 or 919-707-0040 for Wake County.

  *** Do not attempt or let others attempt to put an injured deer in a car or truck.  They can kick out the windows and your head.  Only those who know what they are doing should try.


Printable Fawn Care Information