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Orphaned Opossum

It is almost impossible to get a baby opossum back with its mom.  These guys will need to go to a rehabber.  They chill fast---get them warm.  For starters, throw a towel in the dryer and get it warm (not hot) and put them in it.  Then follow the basic instructions for supplemental heat on the former page…under Injured and Orphaned Wildlife.


Most small baby opossums that are found will come from a mother opossum that was hit by a car.  The babies, if quite young, will still stay attached to the mother’s nipple even if she has died.  The mouths will have to be carefully pried open to loosen the suction.  The babies swallow the mother’s nipple.  For those bold folks out there, check the pouch for others. 

The larger babies sometimes just fall off of the mother, especially when she has been startled by a dog or cat.  Again, there is no way to get the baby back with the mom since she travels a good distance at night in search for food. These guys need to be kept warm. The baby will need to go to a rehabber.  


Do not give food or water. Call a rehabber.

Injured Adult

At times teenage and adult opossums get caught in garbage cans. They go in and then can’t get back out.  Sometimes they have been trapped for days. They become quite dehydrated.  Contact a rehabber.  It is not always a good idea to just turn the garbage can over.  Let an opossum rehabber decide what is best after they have all the information. Sometimes the animal is too weak to run or walk away and then they are attacked by another animal.

Unfortunately, many opossums are hit by cars. They can be easily pushed into a box with a broom or something similar. Also, a towel or blanket can be gently put over them and then they are easy to pick up. They are not vicious like many people think.  All injured or compromised animals need to be kept warm!  Contact a rehabber. Call an After Hours Emergency Clinic if it is late at night.

 All young babies and injured adults will need supplemental heat. Follow instructions for supplement heat on the former page…under Injured and Orphaned Wildlife


Do not give food or water. Call a rehabber.