Wildlife Welfare

Since 1991

A 501 c 3 Non-Profit

Giving Wildlife A Second Chance

Wildlife Welfare wants to thank the following veterinarians for all their support.

Dr. Meredith Highsmith

Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Diane Deresienski

Bowman Animal Hospital

Dr. Virgina Brown

Dixie Trail Animal Hospital

Dr. Sandra Grant

Lake Wheeler Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Jennifer Hummel

Rolesville Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Michelle Misavage-Jones, Dr. Vicki Sellers, Dr Rik Wyatt and Dr. Angela Lassiter

Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care

Thank you so much!

We also want to thank all of our members. Your continuing support allows us to help our local wildlife. Please renew your membership today.

Many thanks to Tad Basset, owner of Triangle Wildlife Removal for helping capture numerous injured wildlife for us and helping build cages and nest boxes for our rehabbers.


Special Thanks!

We are honored to have received a special donation from the Bailey Endowment made in honor of our own Joy Wirt, in recognition of her 20 years of service to our area wildlife!