Wildlife Welfare

Since 1991

A 501 c 3 Non-Profit

Giving Wildlife A Second Chance

Wildlife Welfare does not accept rabies vector animals such as raccoons, foxes, skunks, or bats. We will try and give advice and direction if possible.  First of all, be aware of the risk of rabies when dealing with these animals. Sometimes all the kids in a neighborhood have handled a baby raccoon before you know it.  Animal Control is to be called in such a case.

If an adult has been hit by a car and is still alive then call your local Animal Control or the Police Dept.  If it is outside of Wake County then call the Wildlife Enforcement Division 919 733-7191.  This is a 24-hour line and a real person answers.

Many times raccoons will make nests in chimneys and the babies may fall down.  An experienced rehabber may be able to tell you how to put the baby back out at night and have the mother retrieve him. Also, nests can be in attics and crawl spaces. .  Many times the mom will move them on their own with some good advice. For further assistance call Trianlge Wildlife Removal at 919-661-0722